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Another Great Example of Discrimination by the Obama Administration

Dinesh D’Souza a famous conservative film maker was indicted last week on campaign finance charges.  A filmmaker skirting campaign donation limits does not tear at the fabric of this nation of laws. The irony of this, is that this type of small time wink and node campaign action happens in just about every campaign, yet Mr. D’Souza was handcuffed, arrested and his bail was set at a staggering $500,000, but this type of crime historically has always been charged as a misdemeanor.  The other ironic catch to this story is that know one is investigating the $160 million+ given to the Obama campaign over the past six years by Hollywood and others.  Can you imagine how the President’s private phone lines would light up if the feds got caught poking through campaign donations of Harvey Weinstein? Or Stephen Spielberg? Or Jeffrey Katzenberg?  The Justice Department singling out a conservative film maker by prosecuting him with ballooned charges is just another great example of the discrimination of the Obama administration.  These charges are conveniently being done with-in 2 years of the next Presidential election.  Do you think they are doing this to protect Hillary, so Mr. D’Souza doesn’t make a film about her corrupt past and utter failure as the Secretary of State? (more…)

War On Christianity Is Prevalent In America

This article at the The Truth explains how our military is being commanded by our White House to brainwash military members to think of Christian groups as radicals and extremists.  Here are some more examples of how this administration is violating our religious rights – Hobby LobbyCourt-Martialed For Being Christian – Obama speaks disrespectfully of Christians  How any Christian would vote for Obama is amazing to me.  I am willing to bet 50% of the people who voted for him do not know what I have listed above.  I know this because if you search for Obama’s war on Christianity you will not see any posts by any liberal media source.  Dictatorship = government violates (without repercussion) the constitution to give itself power to mis-lead and control the public by taking their rights away with deception and lies.

I try to remain optimistic, but our government basically controls what you see on TV, violates your privacy without warrant or probable cause, kills Americans with hellfire missiles, passes laws without the congress involvement, starts wars without congressional approval, reduces military benefits but gives billions of tax payer dollars and weapons to terrorists groups, wants to massively reduce our ability to defend ourselves, and now is on a war path to take away our religious rights.  The man wasn’t kidding around when he said “I will fundamentally transform America!”

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