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“A man who was giving a fishing pole instead of free fish”

I find myself literally scared for the future of this country and the future of my children and their children. After all of the blood that has been spilled due to countless wars and the trillions of dollars spent just in the last six years, this should not be the case or excepted by/for any American. We currently have 95+ million people who are unemployed and our government wants to grant citizenship to 15-25 million illegal immigrants who are already on one or more social program. When they get their citizenship they will certainly be excepted on more. This is fundamentally counter-productive to our countries history, values, and morals. What happened to the merit based system that brought this country out of the worst economical collapse in history? A system which gives everyone a fair chance at a free education and access to a viable job market. If you followed the law, paid your taxes on time, made good economical decisions, and worked as hard as you could to learn a trade or skill….you would most likely succeed and be independent. Unfortunately, this is not the America we live in today.

The successful (evil rich) are currently deemed as the enemy in this country, instead of being looked upon as role models. Why aren’t our children taught to look up to the successful and to learn from them? I’ve been working in the blue-collar industry for the last 25 years and I have found that there’s a very slim chance you will get anything for free. If you want something, you have to learn from others and be the best you can at what you do as a worker. It sickens me to talk to so many young people today and to see and hear their attitudes towards the successful. This brings me to my theory which explains everyone’s chance at success.

I believe no matter what color you are, what part of the world you live in, if you have three green ears or how tall you are, we are all given five cards in the morning when we wake up (some knowledge of poker is helpful to understand this theory.) We are all given a chance to keep all of cards, give two back and get two new ones, etc. The point is this. We can play the cards anyway we wan’t but how we play them and how we react when we make certain decisions, is the secret to this theory and life. Too many people are not paying the price for their bad decisions in life, therefore we have generation after generation of parents and children that will always feel as they are the victim. They should learn from their mistakes, learn from those that are successful, play by the same rules as others and they will then most likely be independent of others and the government which in the end will help all citizens. (more…)

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