“A man who was giving a fishing pole instead of free fish”

I find myself literally scared for the future of this country and the future of my children and their children. After all of the blood that has been spilled due to countless wars and the trillions of dollars spent just in the last six years, this should not be the case or excepted by/for any American. We currently have 95+ million people who are unemployed and our government wants to grant citizenship to 15-25 million illegal immigrants who are already on one or more social program. When they get their citizenship they will certainly be excepted on more. This is fundamentally counter-productive to our countries history, values, and morals. What happened to the merit based system that brought this country out of the worst economical collapse in history? A system which gives everyone a fair chance at a free education and access to a viable job market. If you followed the law, paid your taxes on time, made good economical decisions, and worked as hard as you could to learn a trade or skill….you would most likely succeed and be independent. Unfortunately, this is not the America we live in today.

The successful (evil rich) are currently deemed as the enemy in this country, instead of being looked upon as role models. Why aren’t our children taught to look up to the successful and to learn from them? I’ve been working in the blue-collar industry for the last 25 years and I have found that there’s a very slim chance you will get anything for free. If you want something, you have to learn from others and be the best you can at what you do as a worker. It sickens me to talk to so many young people today and to see and hear their attitudes towards the successful. This brings me to my theory which explains everyone’s chance at success.

I believe no matter what color you are, what part of the world you live in, if you have three green ears or how tall you are, we are all given five cards in the morning when we wake up (some knowledge of poker is helpful to understand this theory.) We are all given a chance to keep all of cards, give two back and get two new ones, etc. The point is this. We can play the cards anyway we wan’t but how we play them and how we react when we make certain decisions, is the secret to this theory and life. Too many people are not paying the price for their bad decisions in life, therefore we have generation after generation of parents and children that will always feel as they are the victim. They should learn from their mistakes, learn from those that are successful, play by the same rules as others and they will then most likely be independent of others and the government which in the end will help all citizens.

Our country is in what I call the class warfare state of mind. It’s all over the media, Hollywood, magazines, newspapers, colleges and universities, music, politics and in our public schools. On a daily basis we see and hear forced class warfare like: race against race, young against old, straights against homosexuals, pro-government against limited government, and poor against the wealthy. Amazingly, it is deemed racist or bigoted to oppose anti-religious actions by our government, homosexuality, traditional marriage, being patriotic, and so on. It’s also deemed to be radical for believing and standing up for our God-given rights which is illustrated in the Constitution or not agreeing with our government’s over-reaching powers.

The sad thing is that most people don’t realize that this attack on our senses and values is by design. We are currently living in a growing state of progressivism and there are a scary number of people who are fine with that just because it’s not George Bush who is pushing it. I wish people would step back and notice the massive changes in our society, public schools, TV, movies, music and politics. The above class warfare that I mentioned is planned and it is apart of an overall fundamental change of how our society views a family, American history, religion, business owners, government, and their moral values.

Just think about what is accepted as normal these days compared to just 6 years ago.

What is now considered normal in America?

  • Allowing illegal immigrants (criminals) to gain access to this country and it’s jobs, social programs, and tax payer money or protections. Get your heart off your sleeve on this issue! Let’s be honest on this….no other country in the world does this, so why are we doing it? This country is broke and we have a very long list of problems that we need to be addressing instead of allowing criminals to bankrupt us and put us in danger. I don’t care how you look at it. This is blatant disrespect for the law by our government and is completely counter-productive to the success and safety for this country and it’s citizens.
  • Allowing homosexuals to be open about their sexuality in the military. If you have never been in the military you’ll never understand why this is absolutely the biggest moral destroyer to any military. Let me explain it like this – I am a real man so I like women but I’m not allowed to take showers or sleep in the same room with them…am I? We have now allowed this to happen in our military. Let’s say I am in college, play volleyball and I’m a straight man. Is it ok for me to shower with the women’s volleyball team and sleep in their rooms? Of course not! So why is ok for a gay man to do this in the military of all places???
  • We now have a complete assault on any religious activities in our public schools. Most schools won’t even sing the national anthem yet we have a teachers union who historically use their money to donate to a certain political party campaigns without the approval or knowledge of the teachers in the union. There’s one big problem with this type of corruption… they are donating 90+% of the money to the democrat party. So we have a teacher’s union who controls the teachers and students, but use their money to support one political party, but we can’t have religion in our schools or show patriotism to our country. I’m sorry folks…that’s just ass backwards in my book! We can’t mix religion and public education but we can mix politics and public education…..hmmmm?
  • We have a President who on many occasions mocked those that believe in the constitution and the bible. Enough said!
  • It is now illegal to mention or reference anything about religion in our military via President Obama. Why would he do this? 
  • We currently have a President that not only negotiates with terrorists groups but has been sending them billions of tax payer dollars during the recovery of a major American economic recession.  
  • We have a President who stops oil drilling (via executive orders) in our waters yet at the same time sends billions to Brazil so they can drill for oil in their waters. Mr. Obama is also on tape saying he doesn’t have a problem with seeing our gas prices going up to $6.00 – 8.00 a gallon, but he just doesn’t want to see it go up too fast.
  • It’s now known our government is spying on our computers, emails, text, and phones (Lord knows what else) and they are also data mining all of this information without our consent.
  • Starting wars without congressional approval (Libya.)
  • Our Congress/Senate created a law (Obamacare,) the President signed it, the law was then proven to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, so the Congress/Senate rewrote it (without the Congress/Senate voting on it again) and then the President signed it again. Imagine if George Bush did that?
  • Our national public education curriculum is now being designed and implemented by two private companies and none of this was approved by the Congress, Governors, or any elected official.
  • 76% of black babies are born out-of-wedlock.
  • 25+% of 16-28 year old black men are unemployed.
  • 95+ million people are unemployed.
  • 56% of college grads are either unemployed or underemployed.
  • The United States lost its top-tier AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor’s. That’s an unprecedented blow to the world’s largest economy.
  • The average cost of a health insurance plan for a family of two is now $150 – $250 a week. That’s right….A WEEK!
  • When President Obama came into office in 2008 the average cost of gas was $1.67…every year since it has averaged $3.60.

There are many more examples I could give but I think you can get the point. This country is loosing its will to be the leader of the free world, and it’s obvious there are persons in the government that are hell-bent on keeping it that way.


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