Arizona Bill completely Distorted by the Media

If you watched the countless media reports about the religious freedom bill in Arizona, you would be left with the opinion that it was an anti-gay bill.  Unfortunately, it was nothing of the sort. In actuality, there was nothing in the bill that said anything about discriminating against gays.  The bill mirrored an existing federal law that has been in place in Arizona since 1999.  This bill was going to expand religious freedoms to all citizens of Arizona because of the poor wording that existed in the federal law.  The liberal media obviously used this opportunity as an avenue to push their their agenda, hence the mis-leading information given during their reports.  In my opinion, the governor vetoed that bill for one reason and one reason only….money!  The NFL was threatening to not have the Superbowl in Arizona if they passed that law, so therefore she fell to the money machine.  Very Sad!

The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson told The Foundry in an interview yesterday.

“It’s really important that all citizens refuse to believe the lie that the media is selling here. Everyone has the right to live and love how they want to live in America. But no one should have the right to coerce another person into celebrating their relationship.”

“You don’t personally have to be against same-sex marriage to think that an evangelical photographer shouldn’t be coerced into celebrating it. Just like you don’t personally have to be pro-life to think that the pro-life nurse shouldn’t be forced to participate in an abortion.  Just like you don’t personally have to be against ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ religious beliefs to think that A&E was within their rights to suspend Phil Robertson. That’s the thing about freedom: You can respect  the freedom of other people even when you disagree with how they’re using their freedom.”

Here’s an interview Mr. Anderson recently had concerning the Arizona bill.


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  1. I could not have put that any better, perfect reporting of the truth.

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