50+ Examples of Mr. Obama’s Anti-Christian/Religion Policies – How do Religious Democrats (or Any Religious person) vote for Mr. Obama?

obama prayingPresident Obama went to the National Prayer breakfast on Thursday and said some pretty incredibly hypocritical things.  He said, “around the world, freedom of religion is under threat” and then he added with,  “No society can truly succeed unless it guarantees the rights of all its people, including religious minorities.”  These statements are just amazing, because Obama has a proven history of contradicting these statements.  His stance on religious groups right’s and traditions have directly violated our citizens religious freedoms.  Please take the time to realize that the first (not the 3rd, 5th, or 8th) amendment of the constitution states –Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” 

This is a quote from the Catholic organization Human Life International, “The president is right, freedom of religion is under threat, not only in the United States but increasingly around the world,” Adam Cassandra, communications manager at Catholic organization Human Life International told The Daily Caller. “Unfortunately, the actions of the Obama administration, especially in terms of the HHS mandate dealing with contraception and abortifacient drugs, its policy on abortion, and the administration’s support for redefining marriage, have greatly contributed to the persecution of Christians, especially Catholics. The rights of religious minorities deserve protection, but the mainstream moral values of Christianity also need protection, especially from this administration, and should not be labeled as ‘intolerant,’ which only incites hatred and violence towards Christians.”  

Two years ago this administration had a law ( Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) turned down by the supreme court, which in essence, said that the Catholic Church had to hire women priests — otherwise, it was discrimination; ultra-Orthodox Jews had to have  women rabbis.  This is a president who uses religion when it’s convenient to get people to pay more money and more tribute to government and then uses government to strike down religion. 

This a quote from Faith and American Freedom historian David Barton, “Perhaps the most accurate description of his antipathy toward Catholics, Protestants, religious Jews and the Jewish nation would be to characterize him as ‘anti-biblical,’…And then when his hostility toward biblical people of faith is contrasted with his preferential treatment of Muslims and Muslim nations, it further strengthens the accuracy of the anti-biblical descriptor. In fact, there have been numerous clearly documented times when his pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-biblical actions.”  The list of Obama’s hostility towards Christians and Jewish religious values and rights is just staggering to say the least.  Why hasn’t this been reported is the biggest and most obvious question in my mind?  There have been many that questioned Obama being a self-proclaimed Christian, but the facts over the last 4 years prove other wise.  They clearly paint a picture of anti-Christian/Jewish and pro Islamic policies and agendas.  I think any rational person would seriously doubt Obama is a true Christian after reading what I’m about to post.

A partial list of actions Obama has taken against centuries old American religious freedoms include:

  • May 2009 – Obama declines to host services for the National Prayer Day (a day established by federal law) at the White House.
  • Oct. 19, 2010 – Obama begins deliberately omitting the phrase about “the Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence – an omission he has made on no less than seven occasions.
  • April 2011 – For  the first time in American history, Obama urges passage of a non-discrimination law that does not contain hiring protections for religious groups, forcing religious organizations to hire according to federal mandates without regard to the dictates of their own faith, thus eliminating conscience protection in hiring.
  • January 2011 – After a federal law was passed to transfer a WWI Memorial in the Mojave Desert to private ownership, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that the cross in the memorial could continue to stand, but the Obama administration refused to allow the land to be transferred as required by law and refused to allow the cross to be re-erected as ordered by the Court.
  • June 2011 – The Department of Veterans Affairs forbids references to God and Jesus during burial ceremonies at Houston National Cemetery.
  • September 2011 – The Army issues guidelines for Walter Reed Medical Center stipulating that “No religious items (i.e. Bibles, reading materials and/or facts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.”
  • February 2012 – The Air Force removes “God” from the patch of Rapid Capabilities Office (the word on the patch was in Latin: Dei).
  • February 2011 – Obama directs the Justice Department to stop defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
  • May 2009 – While Obama does not host any National Day of Prayer event at the White House, he does host White House Iftar dinners in honor of Ramadan.
  • 2010 – While every White House traditionally issues hundreds of official proclamations and statements on numerous occasions, this White House avoids traditional biblical holidays and events but regularly recognizes major Muslim holidays, as evidenced by its 2010 statements on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha.

Mr. Barton also said, “Many of these actions are literally unprecedented – this is the first time they have happened in four centuries of American history. The hostility of President Obama toward biblical faith and values is without equal from any previous American president.”

Here’s the LINK to the full list and article.  What has to this country come to, when our government can pick and choose who it can discriminate and what citizens can exercise their rights or not?  Very sad and scary!


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