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My View of “Hope and Change You Can Believe In”

Lately I find myself lost in amazement at the bewildering change that has happen to this country in the last 6 years.  I’m a hard-working 43-year-old man and I see that too many 14-30 year olds are (in my opinion) disrespectful, lazy, unpatriotic and blinded with drama and ignorant.  Their parents, and our government schools, and the media are to blame for this.  Then there’s the 50-65 year olds that have worked their whole lives (that’s 30-45 years in the work force) and now they have seen their retirement go down the tubes because of failed progressive policies.  56% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed.  Our schools now hand out purple ribbons to all of the school kids that run a 100 yard dash (or other sports,) because they don’t want their feelings hurt.  How will this build character or teach them to learn from their mistakes?  Then you have our President passing a regulation that forbids our schools from disciplining black kids.  How this is not considered discriminating to the other kids, is beyond me? 76% of black babies being born out of wed lock.  Why isn’t Al Sharpton ranting raving about this on his talk show every day?  Is he truly for helping the black community or not?  This President recently passed rules and regulations forbidding our military personnel from talking about religion while on duty.  Yet he has allowed gay men (who love a man’s body) to be openly gay while living and showering with other straight men.  How this happened is just amazing to me!  In my opinion, that’s like allowing me, a man who loves women, allowed to go to college and shower with the women’s cheerleader team.  What do think that has done to the morale in the military?  I was in the military and I can tell you I bet it has done a lot of harm and I’m sure it has cost this country a lot of money to deal with it.  We have a President that promotes the hatred of the rich/successful as opposed to promoting them.  School children should look up to them and learn from their successes and failures.  We have schools that have taken all religion (including traditional Christmas themes, which have been around for 100’s of years) out of schools and of course they dare not sing the national anthem of the country that they live in.  This country will never be united without patriotism! (more…)

My recent email to my Congressman – Randy Forbes

I’m a 43 year old family man with 2 children, served in the military, pay all my taxes, and I have busted my tail since I was 16 years old, so I should be happy, right?   No sir I’m not, of course I’m happy and thankful for my family and our health but as a tax paying and voting citizen I am very worried about the future of this country.  I’ve always considered myself a conservative but I see no future for the current class of republicans in DC.  We’ve put 2 shy rhinos on the ballot and with that said why didn’t  we learn our lesson from the first  one?  Did the gop want Obama to win 2 times ?  I’m paying over $200 a week for an HMO plan with very high deductibles (BTW – I was paying just $76 a week for a much better plan just 4 years ago) and I work for a very successful local company and this is all that is affordable.  Sir, that  is almost $11,000 a year taking right off the top of my pay.  You combine that with gas almost at $4.00 a gallon ($1.67 just 4 1/2 years ago…..why?,) the massive increases in the cost of food, clothing, school supplies, energy bills, vehicle maint., building materials, taxes and not to mention the reduction in property values, income and long-term quality jobs. (more…)

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