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Do You Own Your Children? Our Government Doesn’t Think So

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or not, the video below is worth forty-one minutes of your life. Most people don’t realize the goals and agendas of our government education system. The video is by Alan Scholl, the Education’s Executive Director at FreedomProject


Progressive/Socialist Dream = Common Core Standards

The Obama administration has allowed progressive/socialist radicals to draft and implement a new form of public education in America and most of the public has no idea what their vision and motives are. There are currently 45 states and DC that have folded to the bullying tactics of this administration by accepting Common Core as their new method of public education.  Hidden in the stimulus bill of 2009 there was $5 billion dollars set aside to basically bribe states into accepting millions which would allow the federal government to implement Common Core. This was conveniently done during the toughest part of the recession, so the states were in desperate need of money. The biggest problem is that at the time Common Core wasn’t complete, so nobody knew what it would cost, yet the states agreed to it and now have no control over their education system.

What is “Common Core?” It is a totally revamped and federally controlled education system which uses students and parents data to educate (brainwash?) It does this by taking all rights away from tax payers and states with regard to monitoring, questioning or changing how our children are taught in public schools. This new system is designed to completely control, monitor and manage our children’s education and what career paths they can choose. That’s right, the federal government will now only give students 15-17 career choices which they will have to choose by the 9th grade. Common Core will now take all power away from states, tax payers and parents on how their children are taught, what material are being used and what the career path will be offered to their children. The states, parents, congressmen, school boards, governors, mayors, or anybody will have NO ability to change or question how Common Core is implemented or what material is being used to teach our children.

Common core is directly violating three statues which were put into place to stop this type of federal take-over of our educational system or curriculums:

Common Core obviously violates the 10th amendment – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.”

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